Friday, June 12, 2015

Step Inside Piccadilly Prairie

Antiques and vintage finds will delight you at Piccadilly Prairie! Located on Xerxes Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, Piccadilly Prairie is the newest store where you can shop Taea Made. You’ll find many handmade items at this store including homemade jams, items made from vintage fabrics, and lots of unique jewelry pieces.
Lacey, the owner of Piccaddilly Prairie, is a delight to chat with. Her love of old mixed with new can be felt throughout the store. Step inside Piccadilly Prairie with me, and learn more about this vintage inspired shop.

When did your love of vintage begin?
I started falling for vintage & antiques as a teenager.  The first piece that stole my heart was an early 20th century trunk with a domed lid.  There's a picture of a woman on the inside, and it just fascinated me- who was she, who had the trunk belonged to, and what did it used to carry; as well as where was the trunk made, and who built it...  So much mystery in one old piece!  Twenty years later, I still have that trunk.

Tell us about the name of your store.

The name sprang into being after a lot of brainstorming and a little inspiration.  I'm a huge fan of alliteration, and I knew that I wanted a two-word name (like a first & last name).  The image I wanted to evoke was that of country-meets-city.  I settled on the word "prairie" first, thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder and Garrison Keillor.  "Piccadilly" popped into my mind, and I immediately knew that was it; London is one of my all-time favorite cities, and the two words fit together just right: Piccadilly Prairie

Where do you find the antiques for your store?

Ha, ha...the eternal question!  There's no easy answer to that one... The market is always changing, and we are always on the look-out, so pretty much anywhere & everywhere!

What are your design inspirations?

Honestly, I don't know how I (and a good percentage of the women out there) ever survived before Pinterest!  It's where I start when it's "back to the drawing board."  I also love to just stand outside and stare at nature.  There is nothing man-made or man-designed that compares to the simple beauty of, say, one tree.  The blend of colors, textures, and's just awe-inspiring!

Do you have a favorite vintage piece?

Definitely my French iron bed frame.  The headboard and footboard are scroll-y with ornate detailing, and the paint is all but worn away, leaving a bare, aged patina.  LOVE!

What is your favorite thing(s) about running your own business?
I really enjoy being able to handpick pieces & artists, set them up in attractive vignettes, and share them with the world...or at least Minneapolis.  And I love being surrounded by pretty, old things...

Where do you find inspiration?
I have to have a pen and paper to think.  I use graph paper and sketch out my ideas, and that really helps me to determine whether or not certain things will work (like if that fantastic 6' awning I recently scored can be hung across this 4' doorway).  History has it that Michelangelo would stare at a piece of marble for days, sometimes months, before picking up a chisel.  I like to stare at a wall or a corner in the shop, when the customers have left and the door is locked, and think: what unexpected thing could I do in this space?  And I just stand there and stare, with my notebook in hand, until the pieces start arranging themselves before my eyes..
Thank you, Lacey, for sharing your love 
of items from the past!

You can shop Piccadilly Prairie at:

5014 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN  55410

Monday - Saturday: 10am to 6pm

Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

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