Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Local Artists Unite

Collaborating with other artists is something that brings me so much joy. It lets me take my areas of expertise, and mesh them together with another person's ideas and talents. It always seems as though there's a little bit of magic that happens in the process. Something even better than what I had originally envisioned is usually what results during these opportunities! 

Last summer, I met with David Newman of The Village Family Services in Fargo to discuss how local artists could be more involved with their fundraiser, Wine & Dine. They wanted an idea to get the kids from their programs involved in a way that could contribute to their Silent Auction Art Room as well. Through our planning, we came up with the idea of teaching an art class to the kids while having them create pieces for the auction.

The next step was getting other local artists involved. That was the easy part! In Fargo, we're so blessed with a talented and vibrant art community. Chelsea Thorson of Make Room gladly let us use her studio to host the event. Lexie Rundquist of Aerow was happy to lend her talents of working with kids and art. Jessica Kraft, independent artist, quickly signed up to guide and teach with her expert skills. Kari Bloomquist of Washkish Made was so enthusiastic to lend her beautiful talents, and contribute in many ways! 

Kari Bloomquist

Lexie Rundquist

Jessica Kraft

Emily Brooks, Taea Made

David Newman

The kids met with us at Make Room early one weekday morning. They were so focused, and incredibly sweet. First, they created a watercolor on unstretched canvas to bring home. Then, they painted two pieces that would be used for the auction. 

The other artists and I put typography, and touch ups on the pieces to finish them off. We're so excited to have been able to make this project happen, and to have 16 pieces available for fundraising at the Wine & Dine event in February!

Thanks to The Village Family Services for providing 
resources to improve the lives of others in 
our community, and to the other artists 
that took part in this event for being 
so generous with their time and talents! It 
was a treat to be able to work on this project with you!

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